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7 Pro Tips to Follow When Your Mobile Phone is Wet and Unusable

Post On 20-08-2019.

7 Ways to Fix your Wet & Unusable Mobile Phone

These days, mobile phones have become just as much of an integral part of life, as maybe oxygen or food. To an extent, that you will observe people hooked to their electronic devices as they go on a walk, eat a meal, babysit, shower, any activity you name, it can be meshed with the use of a mobile phone, and you will witness humans following through with it. However, these devices whilst claim to be very sturdy, and resilient may fall into a quagmire of problems. If we look at the latest phones, they appear to be very sensitive and light, with sensory features that are prone to damage.

Since it comes so handy in daily activities, it also falls into peculiar places, on the floor, inside the car, amidst a puddle of water. Water renders the phone invalid, and it immediately creates distress for the user because the speaker might get clogged, or the phone screen could go black, the touch screen may stop working, there is a multitude of things that can go wrong, and do in fact when your phone falls into water. Although, companies may claim they are making water proof mobiles, it may not always be the case and you could run into some serious problems. Nevertheless, it is important to know the right techniques that can help you fix your phone when it is wet and unusable.


This article is meant to aid you when you are unaware of how to fix your wet and unusable phone. Before we tell you what you should do, here are some things you do most definitely must not do, when you drop your phone in water:

1.      Make sure that you do not turn on your phone. Electronic devices don’t augur well with water so keep that in mind, otherwise, your phone is likely to cause you greater distress.

2.      As with the previous reason, do not plug your phone into any sort of device for charging, transfer of data or anything whatsoever.

3.      Try not to press any buttons or keys because there is a high chance that it may push the water further in and cause greater damage, so just stay on the safe side and leave it alone. Make sure to avoid blowing or shaking the device because it will help the water move into the depth.

4.      Applying heat to the phone may also damage the phone, which of course you would not want, so keep it away from anything that can raise its temperature unnecessarily.

Now that you know what things you must avoid to keep your phone from facing further damage, we will tell you about some ways that you can help your phone recover from its ‘drowning experience’.

1.      Before you move onto anything, make sure that you do not act upon any of the don’ts mentioned above, because trust us on this, it may damage your phone to a point of no return.

2.      Disassemble the damaged phone. By this, do not take it to physically pull it apart, but remove and extract the things that are easily removable by a user, the batter, SIM and SD Card. Once you have taken these components out, place them nicely onto a towel or kitchen paper to help dry it out. Use the towel or paper to dry out the outer/ exterior part before you move onto the interior. Make sure to do it with light hands and not to force it incessantly, as it may cause greater damage. The key to drying it out is to lovingly and carefully approach it.

3.      Since there are some parts of the phone that may not be accessible through a towel, you can use a vacuum to dry out the inaccessible spots. You may feel that the DONTS previously mentioned how blowing into the phone would harm it, this is why a vacuum is to be used, so that water can be sucked out and not blown in further. Nonetheless, it is preferable to use a hand held vacuum cleaner which is near the size of your device.

4.      The next step is to leave it inside a drawer or on top of a counter to let it dry out, which in most cases becomes the difficult part because it requires a long time to thoroughly extricate itself from the moistness that has seeped in, so it is advised that you use an alternative phone in the meanwhile.

5.      Rice is also a common home remedy that is used to rid the phone of the wetness it encapsulates following its fall into a water body or puddle. Rice is mainly used because it is a domestic commodity that is widely available and it sucks out the humidity from the device. Leave it in for about two to three days, and watch the miracle take form.

6.      A better option is the use of silica gel pack that you may find in electronics boxes or shoes, which you may not have in advance but you can easily order online, because it helps a great deal when fixing your wet phone.

7.      If none of the remedies work, take your phone to a good repair shop near your home, and let an expert technician deal with the intricacies of water damage. They will help you recover your phone in no time.

If for some god forsaken reason, your phone becomes unfixable, there are ways that experts can extract your data and cherished memoirs from your phone, so do not freak out, because your data can still be conserved. A lot of times, the phone matters lesser than the memories in accumulation inside the device, so be assured that you will be able to retain that. In most cases, however, your phone can be fixed and does indeed start working if you follow the steps that we have knitted together for you, and if it still doesn’t, it is a sign to move on and get a new device. Cheers!

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Shifa Aman is a creative writer and editor at She have a lot of experience of working with different companies. She is a keen observer of technology and loves to write on social media, current affairs, digital parenting, and business development ideas.

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