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Why Travelers Prefer Online Travel Agencies Over Traditional Travel Agency

Post On 14-06-2019.

With 80% of travelers utilizing the services from travel websites or applications, the importance of online travel agencies is rapidly growing day by day. OTAs are the aggregators of travel product suppliers and play the role of an intermediary between the suppliers and end-consumers. Travelers don’t want to visit the airport to book a ticket or vice versa and thus such OTAs come to rescue. In a research it was revealed that the 90% of young generations prefer purchasing products online and when it comes to travel, they definitely don’t want to waste their time on standing in a queue to search for flights and book a ticket. Rather they prefer to sit in their comfort zone and get all information related to travel activity. From searching flights and comparing prices among several airlines, updates on their availability, hotel room facilities, searching for top destinations, local guide, transport services and many more activities can be done with a few simple clicks and that too at an affordable price.

Travel and tourism sector has witnessed rapid growth over the years worldwide. The contribution of travel and tourism industry to the GDP of a country is immense and thus the government of each country has taken keen steps to promote and develop tourism sector in the eyes of globe-trotters.

Along with government support, travel agencies are taking advantage of the travel technology solution to have a fast growth in the industry. Technology has played a crucial role in promoting the travel and tourism sector. Travel agencies are approaching to online platform to amplify their business as well as ease the travel booking process. Almost all airlines and hotels are witnessing huge turnover from last decade through the online travel agencies.

Today, very few travelers book hotels or flights from their website. It is more convenient for travelers to search and book travel itinerary from one channel instead of hopping around from one website to another. 

The reasons why people prefer OTAs over booking directly from the hotels or flights are following:

·         Cheap fares: OTAs provide the user with an opportunity to search and compare the prices among various airlines and hotels and with this feature, a user can easily grasp the best deal on air fare or while booking hotel room. This comes as a pocket-friendly tool for the user.

·         Deals and discounts: OTAs on a regular basis offers discounts and promo code for every deal, so that the user can purchase their services at a very low rate in compare to the market.

·         User-friendly: The interface of the website or mobile application of an OTA is designed in a way, so that the user can easily get all the required features with a few clicks and get his work done in a few minutes. It makes the booking process fast and convenient, hence the traveler can easily make the travel arrangements without any hassle.

·         Choose desired service: The needs of every traveler are different from one another and an OTA gives them the chance to select their preferred service. the traveler can select his preferred seat, best-suited hotels and hotel room, suitable holiday package and many more.

The thirst for travel and adventure is not going to de-escalate soon and thus the need of an OTA will remain the same. By approaching a travel technology provider, OTAs can proliferate their business domain.

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