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Why Explainer Videos Is Important For Your Business

Post On 26-03-2019.

Explainer Video

As the part of google evaluation for the search rankings is considered by the amount of time visitors remain on your website that is the reason why online video is soaring an explosive growth

Explainers have taken the troll from the past few years for their affordability and established effectiveness in a growing business. Which makes them an excellent marketing tool. Among the most fruitful results are the increased conversion rates, creating brand identity, and take your sales to the next level

Higher conversion rates

As per the survey 85% of the people are more likely to purchase a product once they come to view an accompanying explainer video. It assists potential business owners keeping record of how many viewers can be converted in actual customers. Though a great number of businesses count on sales through manual means to evaluate their best sellers, however, the explainers can keep up with the actual consumer behavior and preference for certain product or service on every video

Better communicate the core values and product features

Since long write-ups are tricky and there are so many aspects people can interpret what they read. The explainer videos take up the guessing chances of explaining the usefulness and main function often take up the guessing work aside and taking the usefulness and basic functions of the products and service. Individuals gain a better understanding of a product or respective service as they see or hear someone discussing it. The explainer videos are the better means of collaborating with the potential consumers by explaining what the business can generate and why these videos to be chosen over other competing business

Elevated attention and interest

Majority of businesses are choosing to use social media platforms to spread the information regarding their business. They make this by using the media means of communicating that are the images and videos to elevate their interest in their product.

Take up the ranking in the google search

Statistically, the old fashioned website don’t work. Websites that carry endless pages of written text and images rank lower in google search that means lesser expertise. This also pushes consumers who want to rapidly understand the product and purchase it at the moment. In many cases an average individual needs lesser of a minute to make purchasing decision. An explainer is the best way to get the attention in a glance

Enhancing website traffic

Being popular also known as going viral is the term since YouTube has been introduced. A viral video is the one that suddenly pops up from any place and get a huge amount of views in lesser amount of time. To the bad luck there is no particular formula for going viral however, a few products have earned popularity through viral videos among which stand the leading brands

Assist your audience gain potential knowledge’

Usually an individual remembers only 10 percent of what they hear and 50% of what is seen as per the study carried out by Wharton research center. What it translates for business? A higher rate of word of mouth marketing, since it’s the crucial way the business attract consumers. If the consumers like your product they will for sure share with others

Making your pitch stronger

 A simply written pitch is somewhat boring, liven up your pitch by taking advantage of the explainer video. The PowerPoints, charts and infographics are not much appealing.

But a well-crafted video for business with solid script and highly engaging visuals can grab the attention of your audience immediately. Explainer videos are particularly helpful if you are selling a complex product and services

Grabbing the right attention

You might only go a little further using the traditional web content. In an attempt to bring more interest to a complex product some businesses use a huge collection of flashy images, nostalgic animations and wonderful fonts on their websites that results in two things

·         Diversify the attention of potential consumers

·         Slower down the response time of the web page

Well these results are complete catastrophe for businesses. Why not combines all of the ideas in a short but memorable video. It keeps the website look professional while offering enough material to engage the right attention

Closing thoughts

The bonus for using these videos are the compatibility with every means of communication, where your website may not be viewable on some handsets but videos can be watched and shared 

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