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What is SEO Content and what are the tips for creating a best SEO content?

Post On 30-06-2019.
Digital Marketing

What is SEO Content?

SEO content is nothing but an optimized content that is written on the web to guide users via search engine results with an aim to gain traffic on the website.

If you want to improve your content marketing for better ROI then you've to practice in a better way to get best rankings in search engine results.


Then check below handpicked tips for creating a best SEO content.  

1. Target right people and keywords

If your content is not connecting to right audience then you're doing something wrong, this is very clear. If this is the case then you've to work on your keywords.  The targeted keywords are those keywords that your niche audience is actively searching.

To study the keyword first you've to understand these mentioned terms:

·        Your audience segment

·        Type of information they need

·        Why they want that information?

·        Which keywords they are using while searching?

You can follow these three basic activities to implement these strategies:

i.  Audience research

First, study the type of audience which you want to target. After that start searching the platforms where you'll get them online or they are available online. You have to communicate with them and find out their preferences, demographic and stats.

ii. Explore keyword

You can take help of Google analytics or webmaster to know exact keywords related to your niche business.

iii. Include trending topic

To improve the content, you've to select genuine and most searched topics along with the keywords.

2. Concentrate on Readability

Readability is the important factor that encourages search engines to give priority to your website. However, SEO content that hits to the top SERPs includes many factors and readability is one of the factors. Looking for SEO link building services? Check Rankraft to know more about services.

You write content with an aim to keep customers on your website for long time. If users click and stay on your website then search engine also appreciates your website and this is known as 'Dwell time'.

Further, readability contributes to longer dwell times with some qualities that are divided in:

·        Clarity

·        Management

·        Logic

·        Simplicity

You've to write a content which is easy to understand and communicate. If your content is readable for multiple times then it will improve your rankings and traffic as well.

3. Write in Deep

In SEO, it's essential to write content in deep to attract search engines and users. This strategy always works as it boosts the rankings. As per digital marketer Eric Enge, Google is "intensifying its focus" on content quality. He also stated that this trend is going to rule search engines, means it will continue trending for a long time.

4. Improve Your Page Speed

You can improve your SEO content just by working on speed of the website. This will help your pages and content to load faster on users’ browser. If your website is not performing well then the user will leave your website and opt for competitor’s website.

As per the study of BBC News report, most of the customers won't wait more than 3 seconds for a retail page to load.

Another study from the Nielsen Norman Group stated that many users leave the pages within 10 - 20 seconds.

So, work on every parameter for improving the speed of the page. This will simultaneously improve your traffic and other factors.

5. Add Image

As per the study of Skyword, articles comprising of proper images get maximum views in comparison to articles without images. If you start adding images in your content then it will successfully gains the maximum reactions. In short, your content will work well over the internet.

6. Include the facts

If you're writing a genuine content then it's necessary to include facts of related topics in your article. However, including stats in the article is always beneficial as it gives a clear view to users about particular topic. Plus, search engines also appreciate those articles in which stats are included. It is a sign of trustworthy SEO content.

7. Write appealing content in featured snippets

Yet another important aspect of SEO content is featured snippets. It's also getting maximum views in the SERPs. This small information is shown in the results page when a user performs a search.

As per the Google, featured snippets in search appears as below:

From above mentioned image, you can see that featured snippets are boosting the results. Similarly, you also need to place your website on top just by writing appealing content for featured snippets. For writing a featured snippet, here are few tips that you can implement:

·        Create interactive content like QA form

·        Make quality content

·        Include numbered and bulleted lists

·        Include stats and data

·        Do proper structuring of content.

8. Be the Expert

Google gives priority to authority and expert authorship in content. As per Google's search quality evaluator guidelines, the content and writer of content (author's) history, both will contribute to a page's quality.

In addition, it's beneficial to include about page and author bio pages on your blog for building a good reputation.

Final Words

While concluding the article, I would like to say that SEO content is never ending topic. Every day, you'll get a new tip for creating the SEO content. As of now, you can start with these above mentioned tips for creating a best SEO content. These strategies will surely give best output.   


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