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What is Google Trends and Its Benefits

Post On 24-10-2019.

Google Trends is one of the most powerful tools on the web. Through the results of this platform, you can get valuable data related to trends in the whole world. That being said, how do you use this free Mountain View tool?

And most importantly, how does it fit into a blogging strategy? To manage the publications you need clear information. What you find on Answer The Public and Ubersuggest, for example, are useful. And the suggestions of the search engine help to create a universe of correlations that can become decisive.

What is Google Trends: definition

Google Trends is a free Mountain View tool that offers data on trends expressed by the public in search engines. In other words, with this tool, you can have graphical and numerical representations of what people are looking for on Google.

On the home page, you have the form to type in the search that matches what people have searched for. In addition, in the top left menu, there are the most interesting trends and the rankings summarized by year. 

The data is organized in temporal order and in a geographical key. You have a timeline that you can adjust and which shows the progress of a query. This way you can record the trend of a search: is it going up or down? Finally, find the arguments and queries that bind to the word you are looking for. In both cases, the information is divided between the most searched and increasing topics.

Now, We’ll discuss about some of the Benefits of Google Trends

  1. Identify a topic's trend

You can identify the tendency of a topic and understand if it is the right time to tackle this topic. The search volume and the CPC give you the indispensable data.

  1. Create a strategy by region

One of the great advantages is to obtain specific data by region. How is Google Trends used in these cases? In the box below the time trend, you have the division of the query by specific location, so you can understand where the searches are concentrated.

  1. Use Google Trends for Youtube

In the Google Search section, you can define the reference source. Here you can activate different filters and in particular the one related to searches made on YouTube. To be considered with particular attention those of Google News to study the trends of novelties.

  1. Discover new related keywords

Keyword research is always at the center of attention. But how to use Google Trend to improve this? When you do a search, at the end of the page you have two boxes related to associated queries, ie searches that rotate around the word you typed, and the topics.

  1. Create content when needed

One of the ways to use Google Trends in the world of blogging is to understand when to create content. Some themes, in fact, are recurrent over time and allow you to understand when the attention of the audience grows. So you can set the times and understands when and how to publish content. 

Finally, Google Trends data is rich and interesting, but to be read in the broader way possible you have to align it with other data such as search volume and PPC, which will make this tool more powerful for SEO and Blogging purposes. 

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