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UK Best WordPress Hosting Provider in 2019

Post On 19-04-2019.
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To make your business famous among the local and global audience, you must have a website. And, to handle the performance of your website, you must have the best hosting provider.

Creating a website was a critical task in the earlier days, but now it is not a case. This is because MilesWeb gives a free website builder tool with each of its managed WordPress hosting uk plans. The website builder tool enables you to create a website by using the drag and drop option. That means all you have to do is, select a theme from thousands of creative ones and simply insert the content into them. By using this tool, you can eliminate hiring a third party web developer and this will save your time, dependency on web developer as well as will cut down the cost.

Because at the end you will have to purchase a hosting service for sure, there isn't a substitute for this, so it is better to save your cost, on website developing.

Now, you may think that you can download the free WordPress and use it for free then why to purchase a hosting service for it?

So, I would like to clear it that when you use the free WordPress hosting, you need to manage and control all the software activities. You won't get any support for it. If you are sound in handling technical issues and believe that you can solve all the issues then you may choose the free WordPress hosting. Again, in free hosting, you won't get any added modules, and to use them, you will again have to pay hosting services those can offer you such modules. Buying separately may cost you higher than buying a hosting plan which incorporates all these modules for free.

Again the question arises, with hundreds of WordPress hosting providers available which one you should choose?  So, without wasting much of your time, I will tell you that from my experience I think MilesWeb is the best WordPress hosting provider in United Kingdom(UK).

MilesWeb was started in the year 2012 to bridge the gap between the hosting needs and customer satisfaction by the hosting providers. So, they thought of starting their hosting service journey with the support of a well-experienced team who works 24/7 for their customers. And within a short period of time, now they have hosted over 1 million websites and are happily serving over 10,000 customers.

WordPress with MilesWeb :

With WordPress hosting plan from MilesWeb you can host your personal blog, business website or online store at just £1.13/month.


Highlight : With the purchase of Heart and Diamond plan, the host seeker will get a free domain for lifetime.

Services offered by MilesWeb with their WordPress hosting plans are :

1) Complete management -

They take the responsibility of optimizing your WordPress website with the plan selected by you. They take care of the heavy lifting server management so that you can concentrate on your primary business.

2) High Performance -

All the managed WordPress hosting plans are installed on the latest Intel Xenon processor with hardware RAID 10. This helps your website to perform faster and at high-speed. 

All the WordPress plans are feature rich such as :

1) Automatic WordPress Updates :

In unmanaged WordPress hosting, it becomes your duty that you keep a continuous check on the updates and install them manually. But, with MilesWeb you stay free from this as they take the responsibility to check updates and install them automatically on your system. The core plugins are also installed on your system as soon as they are released.

2) Pure SSD storage :

All the plans come with the sufficient storage for your website requirements and they are stored on the pure SSD disk space. This increases the performance of the site by 200 times than its present performance. The traditional or 'spinning rust' drivers are unable to give you such high speed performing websites.

3) Free SSL certificate -

Free SSL certificate is encrypted with all the WordPress hosting plans that keep your website data safe and prevents it from external viruses during the exchange of data between you and your site's visitors.

4) Preconfigured WordPress -

Your website gets preconfigured with the installation of various certified themes and plugins, this helps your site to run optimally. 

5) Fast Provisioning -

The scalable cloud architecture used by MilesWeb helps to launch cloud instance within a few clicks in order to influence your website to get live in just a few clicks.

6) Secure Email -

Under a single email account, you are allowed to create multiple email addresses with IMAP/POP/SMTP account.

Some of the technical features offered are :

1) Cloudflare Railgun -

Cloudflare Railgun speeds up the performance of your non-cached web pages.

2) HTTPS by default -

HTTPS ensures that your website doesn't contain viruses and is safe to access.

3) GZIP/Brotli Compression -

The gzip compressor is installed in every WordPress site to improve the delivery time for sites of all sizes. This also helps in reducing the server loading time.

4) SFTP Access -

By eliminating the slow FTP, now SFTP is used to initiate the secure file transferring. 

5) WP - CLI -

WordPress Command Line Interface is a toolset offered that helps in interacting with your site through the command lines or even programmatically.

6) CDN -

CDN service helps to expand the reach and performance of your website globally.

7) Caching -

To reduce the load time of the website, regular caching is done. This caching tool discovers the data that gets loaded frequently and keeps it ready to serve immediately as requested by the website.

 Conclusion -

It is rare to get all the hosting services at one place, but MilesWeb gets you everything for your WordPress site and blog. For any doubt you can contact them 24/7/365 days via chat, email or calls. 






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