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The Conundrum of Home Page in Website Design

Post On 11-09-2019.
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Designing the home page is not an easy job to do; it is something more than content, headers, and layout.  Many developers and designers ask many questions about how to make websites attractive. Let’s find out how to design cohesively within a defined parameter. 

Many developers wonder what aspects are important while designing a website to attract visitors and they stay on the website for longer period of time, also how it is possible to navigate visitors to explore services and products easily or how to make sure that visitors reach out through contact form or phone. They are the key questions before drafting website. Even professional website development agencies mostly in California hire marketing teams or in house department to sync with design and latest marketing functionalities.

Focus on home page

You need to design a homepage for visitors only focus on what they are looking for and their requirement. Many developers copy some funky designs from another website. But remember every domain have different criteria they are liable to design trendy introduction but some are not. Your aim is to describe who you are, what you do and how you do.

Remember there are multiple organizations and individuals having a tendency to design a website same as their requirement or a pattern they like to follow for better brand image. In the recent era, every designer is focusing on internet marketing implementation.

It is ok to follow the recent trends but keep a good check and balance whether you updated your website for visitors or for yourself. Accommodate new things is impressive but the purpose of your profile must be perfect all the time. 

Things to remember while designing

Who visits this website?

What glitches do these individuals have and what problems are they demanding to resolve?

Our services contribution is enough to crack these glitches?

What ensuing steps are must that visitor proceeds so I can assist to resolve their concerns?

What content do I place that can coherent my clarification and provide support?

Can the visitor straightforwardly contact you?

How can you stay in touch with visitors?

Now set up these questions into your existing website. Check what questions relate to your website more precisely and refresh them accordingly.

What elements must be refreshing on your website?

There are plenty of elements involved during the design phase of each website.  But mainly it’s all about the homepage, header, and footer.  Here we describe these elements more accurately and it must be considered in the early stages of project development.

Header core elements

The important factors of the header are the place the logo at first with the tagline, the search bar in the right corner with primary navigation and social media tabs, place menu as core destination secondary navigation down below as account or login tab.

Homepage tabs

 Now for core home page must start with a static or animated image, short video clip and complete web introduction. Also, retain featured content and call to action buttons. Design prevailing promotional banners or upcoming deal or packages. Follow the downward side with recent blog activities and upcoming events tab.

Footer basic elements

Define a widget for website control elements. Clear and simple contact information tab with comprehensive site navigation to sitemap, define policies or terms and condition page. If the website has legally sensitive issues then must place disclaimers or legal notices or copyright.

Apparently, there are lots of things to follow, and while designing a website your client might not be aware of these little guidelines. So it’s your job to go through some of it and allow your client to achieve their sales and target market.

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