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Post On 24-10-2019.

Autumn is here and with it the first cold. Although we still have some days with good temperature, it is best to start thinking from now on a good system that allows us to maintain a pleasant climate at home. The electric heaters or convectors are usually a simple solution to heat small rooms such as the bathroom, the kitchen or have them as a reinforcement system for other stoves available on thegadgetspro. Unlike stoves, they are much cheaper devices and do not involve extra fuel for their operation, such as pallets, wood or diesel. The following are three best electric heaters of 2019.


1.     Rowenta Comfort Compact


Perfect not to say almost ideal to be at ease with the best temperature. The Rowenta Comfort Compact stands out for its two heat positions. One of them is the Silence, which operates at 1800W and allows to reduce the noise level by only 44dBA, ideal for taking a relaxing bath, to reinforce the temperature of the baby's room while sleeping or for use in the office. The other much more powerful and a louder operates at a power of 2000W. Its built-in thermostat includes a frost detector for the coldest days of winter, keeping the ambient temperature above 0ºC. As we mentioned, we have chosen it for its performance to the point that it also works in summer, since it has a cold air fan. Super compact (26cm x 13cm x 19.5cm), Rowenta knows that this type of heater is designed for small spaces and it hardly takes up room in the room. Thanks to its built-in carrying handle we can move your barely a kilo and a half throughout the house. Some users have noticed that during the first few days it may smell a little burnt, but that it disappears within a few days.


2.     Dodocool, a design contribution to the good weather


It reaches a power of 600W, a little less than Rowenta, but it compensates since its ceramic resistance retains heat better by consuming less energy. In addition to providing heat it has the option of natural wind to air the rooms, so necessary in the months in which the cold keeps doors and windows closed.

A red and blue headlight will indicate if it is operating in heat or natural wind mode. To select them, simply touch the controls located at the top. The fact of not having buttons is not the only thing that brings harmony to its oval design, but also its size (11.6 × 11.6 x 21.2 cm) and color that will practically make it go unnoticed.

As a point in favor with respect to the favorite, this heater has the function of automatic oscillation at 45º to better distribute the heat throughout the room. Safe to use while sleeping or with children around the house, it has protection against overturning and overheating. Nice, efficient and safe, users just miss a slightly longer cable (125 cm).


3.     Super Compact, Comlife


The good comes in a small bottle and if not ask the Comlife heater. With two heat options, 1200W and 600W adds a third of natural wind that only consumes 10W of power. The advantage of this heater is that within the limits of its power, it allows to select the temperature from 37 ° C to almost 90 ° C, being able to handle the electricity consumption at our whim and pocket. Some users argue that the temperature does not exceed 70 degrees and that the consumption often exceeds the strict 1200W.

Unlike Dodocool, its oscillating function is wider, spreading heat to an angle of 70 degrees. Also quite compact in design, it stands out for being ultra light with only 1.3 kg; being even an option to use on counter tops or desks. It has anti-tip and overheat protection, it is also one of the quietest in this comparison. 

                               DIFFERENT TYPES OF HEATERS


Single heater

They generate heat by means of a resistance plate and are optimal for small rooms and short periods of time, for example, heating the bathroom while we shower. If we are going to use it in the bathroom or in the kitchen, the ideal would be to have IP 24, since they are more specific for wet areas.


Ceramic heaters

Unlike the simple ones, its resistance is made of a ceramic material. This resistance retains heat better, consumes less oxygen and energy, therefore, dries the environment less.


Industrial heaters

By name it may seem that it is a heater for some type of factory or similar, but no. This type of heaters is used for outdoor spaces such as workshops, garages, basements, etc.


Most models have IP 44 protection, against splashes and water, and that is why they are good companions for the handyman of the house. Depending on the type of connection, there are single-phase (230 V) or three-phase (400 V) power sockets.


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