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Successful Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Home Business

Post On 30-05-2019.
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Do you have a home business that doesn’t seem to take off? Then it’s time that you turned to social media marketing to increase your profits and extend your reach to a wider audience.  However, if you’re someone who’s new to various social media platforms, it can a bit overwhelming and cumbersome, making it difficult to track the results of your product or service. 


But don’t fret! If you’re struggling with the idea of using social media to give flight to your business, then here are a few tips that will help you make an effective plan without taking too much of your time.


Part One: Pre-Planning Your Social Media Strategy

Before you get started, make a list of the social media platforms that will work in favour of your business. Next, make sure that your profiles are promo-ready, and that you know the results you aim to get from social media. The first step is to visit the social networks you use and make sure that you: 


l  Have uploaded an appropriate display/profile picture.

l  Have completed the major profile sections

l  Have followed influencers in your industry. 

l  Have integrated social media on your main website. 

l  Are clear about your results.

Remember that every social media post you make should have an end goal result attached to it.  

Part Two: Execution and Implementation

When it comes to social media, you have two jobs: 


l  Share content to meet your goals

l  Engaging on social media


Sharing Your Content

The challenge in social media sharing is in maximizing your exposure. This is hard because each platform is different. Some limit the number of characters (Twitter) and others involves primarily graphics (Pinterest or Instagram). However, here are some easy steps to plan your social media sharing strategy: 

l  Decide what you’re sharing.  

l  Decide how you’ll share it. For e.g: using engaging captions, employing stunning graphics, etc. 

l  Share your post on your networks at the time of the post. The recommended posts for Facebook are 1-2 times, Google+ 3-4 times, LinkedIn 1 time, Pinterest 6 times, and Twitter 8-12 times a day.  

l  Make a calendar or another written plan.  Having a social media calendar will help you plan way ahead and will help you remember to post as well as know what you should post. 

l  Track what works. Google Analytics and social media tools for every platform will tell you which social media posts are achieving results.



Engaging On Social Media


This is the area that many home business owners don’t pay enough attention to, but one which can be crucial to social media success. Posting your content all the time without paying attention to the needs of your users is equivalent to being at a party and only talking about yourself. So, along with preparing content to go out, you need to have a plan for commenting, sharing, and engaging with others. Here are tips to doing that:

l  Sign up for a social media management tool, such as Hootsuite, that allows you to see all your feeds in one place and allows you to schedule posts.  

l  Pick one time in the day to do social media engagement.

l  Share 2-3 three social media posts from people you follow i.e. Twitter retweets, Pinterest Pin, etc. Sharing other people’s content is a great way to get them to share yours. 

l  Comment on 2-3 posts from your followers. 

l  Reply to others who share or comment on your posts. 

l  Like other people’s content as you come across items that you find appealing. 

l  Repeat daily.

Should You Appoint a Social Media Agency?

If you are looking at using social media to climb the ladder to success, then hiring a social media agency will help you save time in prepping graphics and posting your content. And the best part about hiring a social media agency is that it could be the best platform for Facebook advertising in Boston and they will be able to help you out with your business plan. That’s the power of social media! 


However, keep in mind that you’re the person who knows your company the best. You will still have to ensure your own thoughts, ideas and brand values are understood by the agency. They will then follow your brand guidelines when engaging with followers and likers who are commenting or responding to your posts.


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