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Six Amazing Experiences To Cherish In Dubai Summer

Post On 23-08-2019.

People normally ask, “What is there in Dubai other than deserts and tall buildings?” How about waterpark, aquarium, underwater zoo or even deep-sea diving to beat the heat? And since we’ve mentioned tall buildings, how about viewing a fountain show from the top of world’s tallest building? Did that get your attention? Read on, as this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Dubai is the personification of luxury and elegance. The tall skyscrapers, classy hotels, and flashy lights is a perfect getaway for a trip. But when you love roses, you should love the thrones too. Although Dubai is a dream destination for many they fear the scorching heat in summers. Yes, the summers are hot and Dubai summers can be much more to take in. The average temperature in Dubai during summers can reach up to a whopping 113 °F which is around 45 °C. This makes Dubai one of the hottest places to visit during the summers. This is the primary reason many travelers don’t satisfy their wanderlust by visiting Dubai in summers. People would rather spend their summers in a cold place. But can you really fulfill you Arabian Nights fantasy by spending your trip at a cold place?

Here we’ve gathered some of the best experiences that you can enjoy in Dubai during summers.

1.The Arabian Nights

The deserts in the outskirts of Dubai are an integral part of Dubai which adds to its aesthetics. The evening desert safari is the perfect dose of adrenaline that will get you pumped up. The setting sun would be the perfect view after your breathtaking venture. 

The temperature during night time in desert drops up to seven degrees comparing to metro areas. Even the nightlife in the deserts of Dubai is a luxurious affair. There are night camps which have music, dance, drinks which will keep you entertained for the whole night. There are many travel agency in Dubai who can arrange this desert camp for you. The night setup is so marvelous, which will even make Aladdin’s Genie blush. The beautiful buildings of Dubai are not going anywhere. It is worthy to sack this magical experience which you can cherish.

2. Winter Is Here!

The feeling of winter in summer will make it worth your while. When you are in Dubai, make sure to experience the world’s first-ever ski resort. Ski Dubai offers a wide 22,500 square meters of ski space. 

There are several snowy rides which can make this experience memorable. Even indulge in an opportunity to meet the coolest celebrities of Dubai, the penguins of Dubai. These celebrities are so cool that they actually live in snow. This ski resort houses every kid’s dream indoor skiing experience. Even if you don’t know to ski, how about beating Dubai’s hot afternoons rolled up in heaps of fresh snow. The staff of this resort keeps the area a dragon free zone. So don’t worry about dragons melting your snowman.

3. The Mighty Atlantis

Ever dreamt of living underwater? Or even breathing underwater? The Hotel Atlantis is an exclusive experience of living underwater. This hotel has special suits which are submerged underwater where you can enjoy your stay in Dubai. 

There are many activities that can familiarize you with underwater beings. Starting from stingray, dolphins, sharks, and 65,000 other marine animals, this hotel hosts many aqua theater shows. This place also offers educational tours to school children. There is a special dolphin bay where the guests can interact with dolphins under supervision. This place has a lot more to offer such as spa fitness, romantic underwater dinners, and beach sit-outs which will make Poseidon come to visit this place.

4. Diagon Alley

When you visit Dubai in summers and are expected to take back souvenirs then make sure you have extra space in your bag. Because summer shopping in Dubai gets a bit extreme. All malls knock off their prices which will enable you to shop for many things. Branded clothes, shoes, shades, jewelry, and other things are easily available at all malls. One mall that stands out of this chain of malls is The Dubai Mall

Indulge in a rare opportunity to shop in the world’s biggest mall, The Dubai Mall. This giant mall is as big as 50 soccer fields, which is 12 million square feet. This place is the dreamland of shopping lovers. Tell your kids to keep their eyes peeled for Harry Potter; he might be there to shop for a wand.

5. Fun in Wonderland

Adventures can come in handy at a trip if you know where to find. Dubai houses many fairyland destinations filled with adventures. Amusement parks such as IMG worlds of Adventures, Motiongate Dubai, LEGOLAND, and so on have the best sights to offer. These amusement parks have many franchises backing them. 

IMG worlds of adventure have five zones out of which some are represented by Cartoon Network, Marvel, etc. Whereas Motiongate has many inspired rides from franchises like Ghostbusters, The Hunger Games, Shrek, Smurfs, etc. If you want your vacation to be more intense then there is Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi which has many records such as the fastest roller coaster and largest space frame structure. Whether you are with kids or teenagers, they will definitely enjoy their time here.

6. Beat the Heat

There are several water parks in Dubai which cater to the need of adventure of every Dubai tourist. The summer will be a hot time and there is nothing more soothing and adventurous than water rides and wave pools. Water parks such as Wild Wadi, Aquaventure, LEGOLAND, have the best adrenaline-pumping rides which will make this the most memorable trip. Aquaventure Park is an award-winning attraction in Dubai. Starting from slides, rides, sharks, stingrays, this water park has many memorable sights to offer. 

Wild Wadi Water Park has heated and cooled wave pool along with surf machines which bring the beach to you. The kids complaining about the summer heat will definitely stop after getting hit by a splash from one of these places.

The city of Dubai is a never-ending sight of miracles. From the tallest building to the biggest mall in the world, Dubai has no plan of stopping or slowing down. The people of Dubai are hospitable and love to serve their guests. They have many other experiences apart from these and are planning to make more experiences which might amaze you. These amazing experiences might make you wonder that this trip could be costly. But the Dubai tour packages that Travelex provides you can get you the best prices for all these experiences. So plan your next trip to Dubai in summers and make it memorable.

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