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New Upcoming Smartphones in India

Post On 04-10-2019.

The inception of smartphones began in 1959 when the MOSFET(metal- oxide- silicon field-effect transistor) was invented by Mohamed Atalla and Dawon Kahng at Bell Labs. The MOSFET or MOS transistor forms the backbone of computing devices such as smartphones.

Over the past few decades, the smartphone has inherited a significant position in the Indian market. In 2014, a total of 17.59 million smartphones were shipped across India and in 2015, the number increased to 18.4 million. Today, smartphones have become the eyes and ears of the Indian population. Smartphones are becoming more relevant in India as it needs to keep at par with the digital world. Whether its the economy, education system or entertainment industry, everything is dependent on smartphone technology. With the world becoming increasingly dependent on smartphone devices, people no longer need to use their credit card as a payment device. Smartphones have managed to replace credit cards as the new payment device through apps like Blue Pay and Google Pay. smartphone transactions are much faster and use Wi-fi or other data technologies instead of old dial-up technologies. 

Here is a list of the upcoming smartphones in the Indian Market:

  1. Google Pixel 4

Google phones will no longer have a single camera and this new model will have dual cameras on both sides. Pixel 4 will have an extra lens on the back that will offer a wide-angle view while on the front it will assist in advanced facial recognition. A SOLI chip will enable hands-free gestures. In addition, the Pixel 4 is expected to be powered the Snapdragon 855 and a larger battery on the smaller variant.


Screen Size: 5.7” (1080x2160) 

Camera: 12 MP + 16 MP + 5 MP Triple Primary Cameras

RAM: 64 GB 

Battery: 2800 mAh

Operating System: Android

Soc: Snapdragon 855

Processor: Octa

  1. Asus Rog Phone II

This smartphone is probably the most powerful gaming phone available in the Indian market right now. It contains a number of accessories that transform the phone into a handheld console and also has the ability to plug in a mouse and keyboard. This smartphone is ideal for gamers especially mobile phone gamers like PUBG mobile. The ROG Phone II is powered by Snapdragon 855 and 512 GB UFS 3.0 storage.


Screen Size: 6.59” (1080x2340)

Camera: 48+13| 24 MP

RAM: 12 GB

Battery: 6000 mAh

Operating System: Android

Soc: Qualcomm SDM 855 Snapdragon 855 Plus

Processor: Octa

Price: 75990


This smartphone will be the flagship phone for the second half of 2019. There are some features that people expect from the flagship including a large display, a new S Pen and possible integration with a large screen to turn the phone into a PC.


Screen Size: 6.66” (1080x2280)

Camera: 12+12+16| 10 MP


Battery: 3500 mAh

Operating System: Android

Soc: Exynos 9825 (7nm) - EMEA/LATAM

Processor: Octa

Price: 69999


This is one of the first foldable smartphones to be launched in India. It features six cameras, two displays, and pocketable design. The usability of this phone has been hailed by many users.


Screen Size: 7.3” (NA)

Camera: 16+12+12| 10 + 8 MP

RAM: 12 GB

Battery: 4380 mAh

Operating System: Android

Soc: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

Processor: Octa

Price: 137400


The iPhone XI will feature a triple camera setup on the back while the front display will remain the same. The performance is expected to be upgraded with a new processor and GPU.


Screen Size: 5.8” (1125x2436)

Camera: 12+12+12| 12 MP


Battery: 3190 mAh

Operating System: iOS

Soc: Apple A13 Bionic (7nm+)

Processor: Octa

Price: 99900

To conclude, the market for smartphones is increasing every day in India. Labour has decreased as everything from food to clothes is available at people’s doorstep. Even the internet today is dependent on smartphones to boost the digital economy and business. Therefore, the future of smartphones in India looks promising.

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