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Job Role of a Digital Marketing Manager

Post On 27-03-2019.
Digital Marketing

Job Role of a Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing by using the Internet as a medium is called Digital Marketing. Professionals who market products and services through search advertising, email marketing and social media like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are termed as Digital Marketing Managers.

The digital space is an important medium in today’s modern world and to spread the word and make your brand popular among customers forms the basic responsibility of a Digital Marketing Manager. If you can do an excellent job in market analysis and understand the nuances of the business well you could look at being a Digital Marketing Manager. A career in Digital Marketing is full of opportunities. With a shift to digital marketing from the traditional methodologies business owners are swiftly trying to adopt new ways of marketing. A Digital Marketing Manager is hence imperative for all businesses, new or established.

Digital Marketing Managers typically develop marketing campaigns while keeping in mind the product features, the goals of the company, the target customer base etc. Once they have an idea of what the marketing campaign should look like they implement it using various strategies. Ensuring their brands' presence on various digital marketing platforms is their primary endeavor. Managing the whole campaign and endorsing the products or services of the company is the main motto. Evaluating the performance of the campaign is another critical aspect. Howsoever simple this may look to a third person; a lot of thought and effort goes into any marketing campaign.

Targeting and reaching out to a wide customer base while generating brand awareness is the focal point of digital marketing. Since marketing through digital platforms makes the whole process so interactive it becomes easier for professionals in this field to cull out information and understand the inclinations of their customer base. The website traffic is another important facet of digital marketing. Digital Marketing Managers strive hard to generate more and more website traffic. Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are hence central to digital marketing. The leads they manage to generate and convert during this process drives business.

In-Depth knowledge of the Digital Marketing Tools is a must for any Digital Marketing Manager. Google Analytics, SEMrush, Google Search Console, All in One SEO Pack, HootSuite etc. are some brilliant digital marketing tools. A good grasp of these can really come in handy to augment your business. Interpreting the data that you generate by using these tools, reading between the lines and taking necessary actions based on these interpretations is an important aspect of any Digital Marketing Managers profile.

Brainstorming innovative strategies, experimenting on them by taking calculated risks, developing attractive landing pages, optimizing user experience/funnels, teaming up with marketing agencies and vendors are just a few KRAs of a Digital Marketing Manager. Conducting an accurate competitor analysis helps in sustaining the competition too.

Excellent oral and written communication skills coupled with a collaborative leadership style and receptiveness to change is the key to outperform in this role. If you can welcome upcoming trends with your hands wide open, chances are you will be able to take your brand to a different level. What we have written in this article is a brief overview of what you can expect being in the shoes of a Digital Marketing Manager. Marrying your passion for Marketing with an appropriate degree would prepare you to dive deeper into this role and understand the crux of it even better.

If you too are keen on making a career in Digital Marketing undergo a formal degree or attain the required certifications, get your skills polished, learn about the various marketing tools and get started.

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