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How to perfectly pitch your guest posts?

Post On 11-02-2019.
Digital Marketing

Tired of constantly approaching blogs and websites with your pitch and feeling incompetent after being rejected?


Don’t worry we have all been there, done that.

“Never Give Up, Try Again” they all say.

Motivating?  Sure. But making the same mistakes over and over again won’t improve your odds of getting selected.

To get picked up you need the perfect pitch. To make your pitch perfect (pun intended) you’ll need a lot of practice. Here are some insights from the leading experts in the business to help improve your pitch. Read them and try to follow them. If you feel anything is missing feel free to write to us.

Pick a good topic

This often becomes the deciding factor. Don’t pitch a boring idea, or an idea that has been in use for quite some time now. Put some thought into it. Think of something that will actually make anyone reading your pitch excited. Staying up to date helps, so try that.

Do your research

You are accountable for your pitch, so remember to put in the work before putting your pitch forward. The internet is available to everyone so there is no excuse for you to put forward ill researched ideas. Keep your head down and put in the work. People are impressed with someone who knows their stuff. Fake pretences don’t help anybody.

Keep it short and sweet

Common let’s face it. Editors are busy people, and a lengthy pitch is quite frankly a turn off for everybody. You need to learn how to keep your pitch short but containing all your relevant details nonetheless. You don’t wanna miss out on the important points to keep your pitch short. So be careful and try to strike a balance between the two of them.

Be selective with your title


Pick a title that resonates with your content. Don’t pick a vague title just to grab the attention of the reader. It creates a bad impression. We all understand you want to grab the spotlight. But having a title that is nowhere near to your content will only hamper your chances of being picked up.


Make it attractive and presentable


 Try to make the pitch readable and attractive. If you pitch something that looks like the final draft of the constitution, people would just move over without bothering to read it, making your efforts worthless. Put relevant pictures, learn proper formatting. Make them believe that it’s worth reading.

Go for the personal touch


 Although it may not sound important but establishing a personal connection often goes a long way. You may need to dig a little deep for that. Go to the ‘About Us’ section of the blog, look up the editor. Find if he/she has been published before, read their stuff. Editors love it when they feel that you have done your homework.


Prove your value

It’s time to pull out the big guns. Editors receive hundreds of pitches every week. It becomes easy for them to pick when someone has credibility. Credibility is the weapon which helps even bad pitches to get picked up. Tell them your previous work experience in a presentable manner and voila, you’ve got their attention.


Be confident

Have faith in your work, be it your first pitch or your ten thousandth. If you don’t have confidence in your work, how do you expect strangers to have confidence in you? If you don’t think it’s good, there’s no point in presenting it. Work on it. Sell your pitch to yourself first and then think about convincing the world.

Be professional about it

Use an email service that has the touch of professionalism attached to it. Receiving mails from addresses such as is a deal breaker quite literally. Such mails are sent directly to the spam folder and your work is flushed down the toilet. Use a professional email service, shell out some bucks if you have to.


Write one time, edit countlessly-

Read and re read your stuff carefully before sending it out. There is no greater deal breaker than a pitch with proof errors. Use softwares available in the internet such as grammarly or the good old Microsoft Office if you need to. But never and I repeat never put forward a work with grammatical or sentence error in it. A single error would blemish your whole pitch. Be careful and avoid silly mistakes.

 So these were some tips to improve your pitch, keep them in mind when trying to pitch the next time. Do add other details we might have missed out and tell us your stories of your pitching experience.

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