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How to Protect Kids Online Privacy

Post On 21-08-2019.

Are you concerned about the online privacy and security of your kids? There is no secret that the online world is jam-packed with dangers and vulnerabilities. While this digital world has victimized many adults, the younger children are more likely to be exposed to potential dangers of the online platforms. From cyberbullying to online child molestation, our teen girls and boys are prone to uncountable online crimes. Parents are needed to safeguard their children from the menaces of the online and social media world. This article discusses the most beneficial practices that can help parents to protect their kids from the potential online threats and to ensure their privacy.

Supervise Online Activities

It is important to supervise the online activities of children because the online world is full of vulnerabilities. You must not leave your kid alone especially when he is using the internet. Your kids may expose to sexually explicit and age-inappropriate content if you do not supervise them. Also, they may lose their privacy by sharing private information on unsecure online platforms. Do not provide computers to your kids in their rooms. Keep the internet-connected devices somewhere open and visible in your home so you can keep an eye on your kids’ online and offline activities.

Use Parental Controls

If you are unable to consistently supervise the computer and mobile phone activities of your kids, take advantage of parental controls. There are parental control apps that enable parents to keep tabs on the digital activities of their children without taking their devices into possession. The parental control and monitoring app like TheOneSpy enables parents to remotely monitor and operate android mobile phones, Windows computers and Mac computers used by offspring.

You can record whatever appears on the monitored device by sending remote commands via an online portal of the spy app. It lets you know how your kids use their mobile phones and computer in real and scheduled time. The app offers several other features to keep parents informed of their kids’ online and offline activities.    

Monitor Social Media Apps

The social media obsession of teens is not a secret. The social networking apps like Facebook and Instagram keep kids full of activity. The online socializing platforms keep asking for personal information that can make kids lose their privacy. They continue sharing their activities and plans on online platforms and this information is mostly misused by predators and sex offenders. The social media monitoring app enables parents to closely watch out the social media activities of their kids. It helps parents ensure that their kids do not post anything personal.      

Use Privacy Settings

The social media platforms offer privacy and security settings to provide protection to users. For instance, Facebook allows users to hide their profiles and posts from unknown or unwanted persons. The user can choose who can send friend requests and who can find you using your email address or other information. Make sure your kids use privacy settings for their social media and online accounts. You can seek help from the internet to know about privacy settings relating to particular apps and platforms.

Make Digital Rules

Rules always work and especially when you want to make someone learn something. Digital rules can make online platforms secure for kids. You can make a rule about what they should share online and whatnot. Let your kids know what sort of information is secure to post. If your kids use Facebook or similar social media apps, make sure they set private profiles rather than public. The private profiles and posts can only be seen by certain individuals, whereas, the public profiles can be seen by anyone. There are several other digital rules that can help to make your kid’s tour to the digital world safe and sound.

Protect Passwords

Passwords and passcodes are important to protect online accounts and privacy. Set strong passwords for all social media and online accounts. Let your kids learn the way to memorize their passcodes. Also, make sure they should not share their secret codes with anyone because the other person would not protect your information in the way it should be protected.

The Bottom Line

Parents must educate their kids about the potential dangers of the online world. Help your kids learn how they can safely use the socializing platforms and what practices they should adopt to protect privacy. Also, let them know what information is safe to post online and whatnot. The use of parental control and monitoring software is also fruitful to ensure kids protection online and offline.     

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