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How the Logo Design Process Actually Works

Post On 05-10-2019.

There is a lot that goes into the final product of a logo. From the conception of a simple idea to the hours of work actually put in, there’s a whole process present behind every logo you come across. But what actually goes into designing a logo? How do designers understand what their individual clients want and then deliver? Here is a summary of how the logo designs process generally works. 

Learning Your Business Story

The first thing that designers look into is the history of your business and your company. Firstly, designers look into and understand the industry that their clients come from. Once they have an objective understanding they then look into what the client had in mind when starting their business. Knowing the details of their business story such as how and why the company was started is usually step one. 

Figuring Out Your Company’s Goals

The next thing that a designer will address is what the company strives to achieve. There will be a discussion about what they do, what their goals are for their business, what they want to sell and what they ultimately want to be known for. These discussions can actually be really eye opening, not only for the designer but also for the client. 

Understanding the Target Demographic

Both the designer and the client need to identify who the target audience for their business is. This helps to specify and assess the needs of the business by making sure the designers stay relevant to the audience. The age of the primary demographic, the gender of a consumer or anyone with particular interests are some points to be reviewed. 


Extensive Research

After a proposal is accepted, the extensive research process starts. Designers will usually research the industry of the type of business, the large history surrounding it, and then look at their client's competitors. All of this is necessary before starting a new project in addition to any field research.


Idea Generation

After there has been a brief with the client and the research is concluded the designer will brainstorm to generate a range of ideas. There is organization of the info recorded and then attempt to stay relevant to what the business owners want from their logo. Visual representations are mostly used to stay in the right direction. 

Presenting the Design

The brainstorming eventually leads to a solid product that can now be presented to the client. After the final design is set out it is formatted and displayed. If there are any requests for modification by the client then they are always looked at and acted upon.

Revisions and Re-Revisions 

No logo will be perfect and usually has to undergo revisions before the final approval.  Sometimes it is small tweaks here and there while other times, it's a lot of notes and changes. Clients may even ask designers to start all over again and they sometimes have to change their ideas completely. 

Delivering the Final Product

The last thing to do is to deliver to the client. A package is made of the final logo concept and it is trademarked for final delivery to the business. 


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