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How To Get More Leads As A Freelancer

Post On 25-08-2019.
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As a freelancer, the one question which is always troublesome is how to get more leads for work?

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While there are many ways, today we are bringing to you the top most effective ways to get more leads as a freelancer:

1. Have a LinkedIn profile

Having a legit and active LinkedIn profile is always very helpful. As you all know, LinkedIn helps you to connect with organizations, their top CEOs, CMOs and marketing managers. You might not know but many organizations are always looking towards outsourcing work. Especially for content writing, graphic designing, data entry, and social media activities. So write an intelligent Bio and get active on LinkedIn and notice the number of leads you will get.

2. Apply on freelance websites

There are various websites providing freelance leads. All you have to do is sign up and make an account, list your services and connect with clients. Some will want you to bid whereas the others will want to see your portfolio, So remember, you have to be prepared with all this prior to signing up on the website. Also, make sure that initially, you take quality and deadlines very seriously or else the client will stop giving you further work.

3. Join freelance communities

You can join freelance communities on social media platforms. These groups or communities always have managers and people with authority posting about outsource work. You can directly communicate with these people and also expect long-term work from them. As you will get associated with their organization, you can also expect to build the credibility of your portfolio and get further work from other clients.

4. Send cold emails

This is one of the most traditional ways to get leads, not just as a freelancer but in all categories of the business sector. While the turn-around factor is quite less compared to other methods, it always gets you, reliable clients. This method can also help you get high paying clients as email is the most professional method out there. Don’t worry, you can find the email templates online and take inspiration from there. Remember, to send these emails to the right people.

5. Social media ads

You have heard about social media marketing, right? Well, the good news is that it is not just restricted to organizations but also applicable for freelancers. You can list the services which you want to provide to these organizations and start getting leads in no time. Focus on uploading high-quality content and creatives. This will improve your credibility among the clients and you will seem more professional.

Apart from this, it is always necessary to provide quality work on time to get more leads. 

Image Source- The Balance Careers

So wait no more and to improve your chances to become a credible freelancer start with following these tips and tricks and in no time you will be getting reliable and credible leads. Remember, you always need good advertising in whatever you do or follow. The same goes for your career as a freelancer.

Which one are you going to follow first?

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