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Post On 25-11-2019.

Employee's State Insurance (ESI) is self-financing social security as well as health insurance scheme for Indian workers. ESI Registration is obligatory for employers having 10 or more workers. For all employees having an income of Rs.15, 000 or less per month as wages, the company should contribute 4.75% and worker should contribute 1.75% towards ESI. The ESI fund is overseen by the ESI Corporation (ESI) as per standards and regulations stipulated therein the ESI Act 1948, which administers the provision of medical as well as cash benefits on the way to the workers and their family through its large network of branch offices, dispensaries, and hospitals all over India.


Every an employer having 10 or more workers is required to be registered with Employee State Insurance (ESI) Corporation.

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ESIC’s registered organizations require filing their return annually. In which they need to show every one of the changes done during the previous year. 

They additionally need to submit the ESI contribution paid, once in every 6 months, its contribution period is 1st April to 30th September and 1st October to 31st March.


The last date of submission of ESI return is within 42 days from the end of the half-yearly period that would be 12th November for period April to September and would be 12th May from October to March. 


ESI the scheme also gives benefits to the workers and has a large network of dispensaries as well as hospitals all over the country for providing fast and competent medical care to the workers.

Payment of contribution through system generated challans has been started from December 2010 by ESI (Employee State Insurance) Corporation. Every company needs to pay his contribution from the wages bill and must pay this contribution at given rates by the ESIC towards the designated branches of SBI and some other banks to receive the payment on its behalf.

An employer could fill the return of contribution through the Employee State Insurance corporation’s website through following the process:-

• Every employer is provided with a 17 digit code which is given at the time of registration. This will be used as a user id and password as given to you.

• After proceeding every detail of the workers contributed by the employer along with the wage, detail would be displayed on the screen.

• Make the short payment of contribution for any worker if any, Then supplementary challans have to generate through using the modify challan option under the section of a monthly contribution.

• Miscellaneous challan has to be created by the amount of whose payment is to be made on the omitted wages (not related to identifying).

• If you are employing forty or more employees, please upload chartered accounts certificate before clicking on the submit button.


If any payment is not made by any employer in any of the months in any of two periods for which they are requisite towards submitting the return of contribution in physical form towards the concerned branch office or Employee state insurance regional commissioner.


The Penalties


• For infringements of Provisions of the Act, imprisonment up to 2 years and fine up to Rs.5,000 will be imposed

• For continual infringements of the Act, imprisonment up to 5 years and the fine up to Rs.25,000 will be imposed.

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