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Digital Marketing is the Future of Customer Support

Post On 21-09-2019.
Digital Marketing

Imagine dealing with a situation when you are watching your favourite show at Netflix, and suddenly a spinning wheel and then a black screen appears. Your internet connection goes off and you are not able to reach to anyone for help. Google suggests that you visit your provider’s help page, but the help page is not optimized for mobile and further, the Q&A section listed there does not answer your question. As a result, with no option available, you have to dial the customer service number for getting your net connection back.

This type of situation, or situations similar to this are often faced by customers, is ultimately bound to make them frustrated and dissatisfied. Therefore, it is important for the digital marketers or the digital marketing agencies in Delhi to take this scenario as their wake up call and realize the tremendous opportunity they have for development. The advancement in digital marketing tips and tools have made this possible to attain, consequently providing them an excellent customer experience, and leaving them happier and pleased with the services.

Here are some of the tools that can help you in strategizing your efforts and achieving your goals:

1. Create content according to your customer’s lingo

The entire trend has changed in the way the content is conceptualized today. Years back, people used to make use of the concise and definitive topics on encyclopaedia to search for information on the Internet, but now they come up with straightforward questions. For example, ‘Readable CD format’ has been replaced with ‘What format do CD players read?’ The language of the content, the ‘catch’ here, should be same as that of the customer. Instead of creating too much technical content, the right approach is to humanize it to render a positive experience to the customer.

It is relevant to invest time in finding out the most frequent questions that people search for and ensuring that their answers are easily available. Delve into some real data by talking to customer service representatives and proactively asking visitors and implement it to the use of your content accordingly.

2. Let the customer decide the platform of their interaction

People are different and so are their needs. While some like to use mobile for their search, some others still prefer laptop to look and understand information available in detail. Hence, it becomes vital to present the customer with various options so that they can decide their interaction with the content according to their needs, time and experience. Having an article, video, and FAQ page for the same content may seem unessential, but it allows people of different tastes and preferences to digest information in their own way. 
Along with this, it is equally important to provide the customers a seamless experience, irrespective of the medium they choose. Optimizing your content for different platforms is therefore an aspect that can’t be disregarded.

3. Test your content

Not everything is supposed to fall at the right place the first time, so don’t lose control over your content. Test your content timely. However, testing is most useful when you know your goals well. Be clear what exactly you are trying to affect. Is your aim to shoot down the customer service calls or some specific pages on the website or making people find the content quicker? While moving towards achieving your goal, it is always recommended to break a few things and then plan wisely.

Digital marketing in today’s time is not just about attracting and selling your products; it also demands maintaining a long-term healthy customer relationship. This can probably happen when you get the right team to work on your digital marketing efforts. Hiring of a digital marketing agency in Delhi with a strong portfolio may help in improving the overall experience of the customer, eventually leading to a better brand name and its reputation in the market.

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