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Bigrock Security Plans –All That You Need To Know About Them

Post On 29-08-2019.
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Internet security has become crucial today as all the businesses ad transactions are online. Bookings, tickets, banking transactions, IT firms, knowledge dissemination and the huge empire of online business – everything has different types of security requirements. The security needs of an SMB are different from that of an MNC. Similarly, the security needs of websites with a payment gateway are different than the traffic-centric ones.

However, not every business owner has an innate understanding of the security measures and aspects. And, it becomes tough to choose from the various plans and packages. Therefore, we have summarized the security plans offered by BigRock in the following post. The brand has a global presence and has an incredible reputation. So, read about all the security plans and don’t forget to use the coupons for BigRock while making the purchase.

Internet Security Plans:

The plans fall into three major categories:
  1. Digital Certificates and SSL (https security for websites)
  2. CodeGuard (backup engine)
  3. SiteLock (Website protection from malware attacks, bots and others)
Now, let us find about the services offered in each category and plans offered in all of them.

Digital Certificates and SSL:

SSL Certificates authenticates the website and encrypt the data being sent by the user to the site. There are three plans in this category, of which the best one is Comodo SSL. The details for all the three plans are as follows:

1. Comodo SSL Certificates:

The plan is priced at INR 2745 per year and is the best plan in this category. It comes with domain validation for one domain and free additional server licenses. It can be issued within two days and has a warranty level of $250000. The plan is compatible with all the browsers and is perfect for medium and large websites.

2. Positive SSL:

This plan is suitable for the needs of SMBs and privately-owned websites that don’t have too much information exchange with the users. It is priced at INR 1425 per year and comes with a domain validation for one domain. Free additional server licenses are also there. The warranty level is of $10000. Activation is available in two days.

3. Positive SSL Wildcard:

This plan is also available in two days and is perfect for large websites with enormous information exchange. This plan is priced at INR 4185 per year and comes with the warranty level of $10000. In this plan, domain validation is available for unlimited sub-domains. So, it is perfect for a large network.

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CodeGuard is a Cloud Backup for your website, which allows instant data recovery. The tool comes with hassle-free setting and automatic backups behind the screen. It is of crucial importance for the sites that have massive database and information exchange. However, there are different plans as per the website size, and are:

1. Basic Plan:

This plan is the starter plan priced at INR 59 per month and applies to five websites. It comes with 1 GB disk space and unlimited databases. The automatic data backup is done every five days.

2. Professional Plan:

This plan is priced at INR 169 per month and is suitable for SMBs. Backup is for ten websites and unlimited databases. Disk space is 5 GB, and automatic backup is scheduled daily.

3. Premium Plan:

This plan is priced at INR 249 per month and can backup up to 25 websites. Disk space is 10 GB, and unlimited databases can be backed up. It also comes with daily automatic backup.


This is a combination of various programs to protect your website from malware attacks. The plans are economical, effective and easy to install. The tool automatically prevents the sites from attacks; can work instantly after installation and inherently increase the customer trust. The tool instantly notifies and fixes issues to the admin and identifies threats as well. The daily scan for website protection is there.
Find the plans of SiteLock in the following section:

1. Basic Plan:

The plan is priced at INR 99 per month and is for 25 pages. The malware scan is done daily, and network scan is also there.

2. Professional Plan:

This plan is priced at INR 199 per month and is for 100 pages. It scans for malware daily and comes with network scan and auto-malware removal.

3. Premium Plan:

This plan is for 500 pages and is priced at INR 299 per month. Malware scans are performed daily. It comes with Network Scan and Auto-Malware removal.
It completes the list of the latest internet security plans from BigRock. You can now choose the one that suits your requirements the best. Don’t forget to use the Bigrock Coupon Code to enjoy the savings on each purchase.

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