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Benefits of Implementing AMP in Website

Post On 02-03-2019.
Digital Marketing

As everyone in the world of digital marketing knows that google is quite serious about the page load time and it’s also one of the factors for ranking the website. Having a web page with quick response time its one of the major goals of UX and SEO. 2 Seconds is the standard benchmark for the page load time and when it comes to mobile its even less. Here when AMP comes to life.


What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source framework backed by google to develop web pages that loads quickly on mobile. AMP brings some new concepts into the table like AMP HTML, AMP JS, AMP Cache. AMP improves the mobile experience for everyone includes publishers, users, and content writes.



Benefits of Implementing AMP:

1.       Quick Response Time for Mobile User- As it is the main benefit of AMP and even the main reason for its existence. AMP lower the load time of web pages on mobile as it stops loading unnecessary content on the mobile that takes time to load. A study shows that a mobile user abandons a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. User enjoy page that take less time to load.

2.        Low Bounce Rate and More Time On-Site – Lower the loading time more will be the visitor. A visitor will spend more time on your site if it has fast and easy experience. Those who has implemented the AMP in their site has less bounce rate and more visitor.



3.       Improved Ranking- AMP is not the individual ranking factor for websites. Mobile friendliness and page load speed time are also the well-known factor. AMP improves the page load time and user mobile experience. So, website developed with AMP will have higher ranking than other slower un-responsive websites.





4.       Higher Click-Through Rate (CTR)- One of the major advantage of implementing AMP in your website that when a user search for content through mobile, it shows your page on the Google Search Top Stories carousel which is on the top of the search results and encourage user to click on the carousel content first.





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