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9 Social Media Statistics that can change the way you think about Social Media

Post On 06-09-2019.
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Social media are web-based tools that encourage people to learn new information and interact with new people. It has revolutionized the idea of living life today. Role of social media in connecting businesses with customers is imperative. Social media incredibly increases brand visibility, boosts sales, and leads.  If you have not convinced how much social media is vital to the success of a business.  We suggest you to read social media marketing metrics to revolutionize the idea about social media marketing.

More than 90% of people use social networks via a mobile device:

The tiny device you have been holding on your hand has changed our lives  - we all rely on our mobiles from connecting people to conducting business. We even connect various home appliances to the mobile. A recent study has suggested that more than 90% of people use their mobile devices for social sites. Likewise, 80% time spent on social media is through mobiles. Businesses who are more likely to run social ads should make sure the ads are in a smartphone friendly-format.

Incredible role of positive words of mouth marketing:

More than 71% of consumers who will have good experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to family and friends. Therefore, we urge you to engage with the audience, check daily your account and respond to messages, comments, or mentions even just by liking them. Showing people that you pay attention to what they like, comment can help to build a positive relationship with customers.

50 million small business use Facebook to connect with customers:

Facebook is the 1st most popular social media platform, with over 2 billion active users monthly. Considering the popularity and odds of reaching the ideal audience, more than 50 million small businesses are connecting with their target customers via Facebook pages and have claimed to witness a massive escalation in sales after regularly updating and managing the business pages.

95% of Adults aged 28-34 follow brands on social media

One of the authentic social media statistics confirms that more than 95% of adults follow the brands via social media sites. In case your target audience is young children or elderly, we recommend to create content that is either for parents or caretakers that fall under the age of 18-34. After Facebook, the second-largest platform is Instagram, with over 1 billion active users monthly. Many small businesses who do not have recognition often buy Instagram followers UK to improve visibility and brand recognition.

People expect a prompt response:

More than 78% of people who either send a complain, a recommendation about a brand on Twitter or any other platform expects a quick response. They expect a brand to respond within an hour. Ignoring can fuel the frustration of the customers. Therefore, it is crucial in today's time to regularly monitor account to check comments, questions, and concerns of the people. If followers see a favorable reaction from you, their association with the brand will surely get increase.

More than 55% of adults use more than one social media platform:

56% of adults who have access to the internet will use more than one social network. Although Facebook is the largest social media platform. However, we urge users to use other platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter that can help you to create a great customer base. Especially, Instagram's popularity is skyrocketing these days, and businesses are generating massive sales through its super business features. In case ite sales. In case ite businesse ests or caretakers. via social media sites. ating and managing their business pages.

 is hard for people to retain the followers or appeal the audience, we suggest to Buy 100 Instagram followers to start the business account.

50% of people purchase product after seeing social media ad:

Importance of paid advertising has risen for a reason. 49% of people aged 18-29 are likely to purchase a product after seeing their favorite product on social media ad. If your ads are not bringing in sales, then don’t get satisfied instead, alter the approach or strategy to receive the outcome. Use some advanced optimization techniques to edit the audience. You can run lead generation campaigns to get an email or mobile numbers of your potential customer. Reach out to them directly to get more satisfying outcomes.

90% Instagram audience is younger than 35 years old:

 Instagram is an excellent visual platform. The social channel has been gaining the persistent popularity from the past several years. A recent study suggests that Instagram's 90% of the audience is younger than 35 years old. Instagram is more likely to unseat Facebook as the most favorite and used platform in years to come.

Facebook’s incredible Statistics:

Do you know in every 60 seconds, there are 293,000 statuses, 515,000 comments and 136,000 photos are posted? Therefore, to compete with this fast-paced platform, you must consider posting every day to retain the audience. Many business pages post at least 2-10 times in a week.


Hopefully, our collection of compelling social media statistics will help you to put yourself on the right and successful path. We don’t suggest you to use one social platform. Use different social channels to expand the audience and brand reach. 

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