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7 Most Famous Digital Marketing Tools

Post On 21-02-2019.
Digital Marketing

Let us get this straight, digital marketing can truly help your brand gain popularity almost overnight. From increasing growth of your startup to advertising the latest campaign of a multinational company, Digital Marketing is one such aspect that would always help you reach out to the masses. From inviting college students to participate in college fest to spreading the news that your mum has started her cooking business, digital marketing does it all. No wonder, the multidimensional industry has now turned into a booming business and helps innumerable people find relevant jobs.

Research is a very essential aspect of digital marketing. No wonder there are a plethora of online tools available in the market that helps you to get highly accurate statistics and help you greatly in drawing analysis. Now that you are reading about the top 5 tools that help you research different websites and online platforms, we are assuming that you have a fair idea about it already. With the right plan backed by good research, you can make any campaign a huge success.

Let us look at the seven most helpful tools that experts in the Digital Marketing industry use on an everyday basis.


1.    Google Trends

Google trends are one such tool that helps you check the latest trends from Google. It helps you know what is trending near you and you can find the metrics of the specific trend/ idea/ campaign. It can help you draw conclusions and that too really quickly. You can simply visit their webpage, insert the keyword or the industry name and find the metrics. Also, you can find the data as per region or locality to know what is trending in which region.


2.    Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword is in the tools section of your Google Adwords. It is quite similar to Google Trends. The tool is great for building content strategies and knowing consumer psychology. Once a content marketer knows what their audience is looking for, he/she can create content on similar lines.

What’s even better? You can segregate data as per region and language that would eventually help you derive even better more accurate statistics. Also, you can know about the intent and competition if it is high, medium or low.


3.    Ahrefs

Now, this is certainly one of the most popular tools in the market. It is also credited to be one of the best SEO and SEM tools available for digital marketers. Ahref is great to do competitor analysis, know about your website’s traffic, find relevant keywords and know how many backlinks does your competition has built over time. You can even know what all keywords your opponent has been working on and perhaps, create even better marketing plans. You can even set Alerts and know the most shared content on the web.


4.    App Annie

Here’s a tool for all App developers and Marketing Managers. It is said to be a great tool for keeping a track of your competitors for almost every app store that exists. There App Search Optimization is said to be a great feature that exists on App Annie. Another great thing about the App is that it works for them in real time. Digital Marketers can see what works best for them and make changes accordingly.


5.    Serpstat

Another absolutely amazing keyword tool is Serpstat. It is somewhat similar to Ahrefs. It can be used for comparing data and checking out what is trending in which country. You can also find backlinks and much more.


6.    SimilarWeb

To know more about a website, Similar Web is an amazing tool you can use. SimilarWeb is great to know about the traffic of a website. You can even find sources of traffic. Also, one can know more about the data, keywords and get an idea of the strategies of their opponents.


7.    Buzzsumo

Here is a tool for all the people who play with content all day long. Content managers can draw a deep analysis of what is performing the best. People can know about the latest trends in content and create content around those lines. Also, one can even know the best trends as per the industry and locality.


Now that you know what all tools you can use in everyday life, you can perhaps explore the above-mentioned options and even more. With the advent of technology, more and more people are taking this career path. No wonder, it has now become one of the best career options in 2019. If you want to know more about digital marketing and take a step towards higher education, contact the pioneers of the industry. Leverage Edu will take you to your dream college that takes you a step closer to your dream job.  

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