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5 awesome ways to increase sales on amazon

Post On 15-09-2019.
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With buyers looking online like never before, as on online retailer it is always good to follow the trends. When you use an Amazon FBA fee calculator, it is easy to see how much you can profit from selling on Amazon. While it’s only an estimate, they are pretty good indicators of what to expect on a regular basis. 

But what happens when you’ve been selling for a while and you aren’t reaping the rewards you think you could be getting? Then it’s time to look at your business practices and determine what you can do in order to meet the goals you have for yourself. When you find yourself wondering what more you can do, look no further than these 5 tips. 

1. Be Competitive

The average Amazon user is looking at one key thing over anything else and that is pricing. Pricing an item lower than other retailers will have the strongest effect on your total sales numbers. Be sure to look at price comparisons and double-check that you have priced your merchandise appropriately to have it move.

This doesn’t mean you should take a profit loss at all. Be sure you are only selling things that have a sufficient profit margin while still being reasonably priced. Be sure to factor in overhead expenses and inventory when deciding whether or not a specific item is going to be a good fit for you. 

2. Improve Your SEO

Think about when you go to Amazon to browse for an item? It’s likely you rarely get past the first page before you find the item you ultimately purchase. So that’s where you want your listings to be. You need to optimize your item descriptions in order to be discovered while potential customers are searching. 

Amazon gives you a 500 characters limit on your listing title, by even including an extra keyword that another seller hasn’t will bump up your visibility making it more likely that they will buy from you. If you aren’t sure what to write go ahead and use a keyword tool to ensure that your listing has the best possible title. 

Amazon is in the business to sell things to the buyers. They just want the buyers to purchase from Amazon and not a competitor, they simply don’t care which Amazon seller. The search engine is always improving and updating so keep an eye on your listings and keywords. It can be frustrating to think you’re doing everything right but still aren’t getting the sales to show for it.

Ask yourself whether your title and keywords need updating. Do you mention the brand, product, colors and sizes in your title? Should you consider adding more pictures to your listings? If customers can't find your products, they can’t buy your products so be sure that they can find what you’re selling. 

It’s also good to know that when you make more sales you are more likely to come up in a search for your product. That may seem like a catch 22 but really, it should be the motivation you need to get your SEO up to snuff. 

3. Get the Reviews

If you want to increase your sales, you need to keep thinking like the consumer. What do you like when you’re looking at buying something online? If you’re like most customers you probably read the reviews. It’s a fact that the majority of all online shoppers read reviews. So it is important to get feedback in the form of reviews when possible. 

This is a hard task as you have no control over whether you will be reviewed by your customer, but you can certainly encourage them to review in a manner of ways. Luckily, Amazon has cracked down on fake or paid reviews so at least the playing field has been evened quite a bit which gives you the opportunity to be reviewed honestly and fairly. 

You can encourage your customers to leave reviews with a printed note in their package as well as sign up for some of the Amazon automatic emails that will be sent out to the customer asking them to give you feedback. These are easy ways to generate positive feedback. 

4. Follow The Rules 

The fastest way to low or no sales on Amazon is to break their rules and regulations. Amazon is not shy about suspending people who aren’t following their guidelines and if you are a repeat offender they will shut down your account, which is definitely not going to help you sell anything. 

When you know what Amazon is looking for in terms of their sellers and you follow all their terms and conditions you will be ranked higher and will gain an increased chance of landing more sales. So double-check your selling name is in compliance, that your links lead only to Amazon, and only contact a customer through the approved channels. 

5. Add a Promotional Message

Shoppers love a bargain. Sure you can use a crossed-out price and list a sale price for your items, but what will garner even more attention is if you use a promotional message on Amazon. This is an easy way to bundle items together and sell more! This can be especially helpful if you are trying to boost your sales rankings. 

You can set your promotion up however you would like, for instance: save 10% when you buy two. Even if with your promotion you only break even, as your ranking goes up and your SEO results improve and you get more reviews you will see the benefit of having the promotion. Of course, you can choose to end a promotion once you’ve seen the results you’re looking for. 

Not every seller runs promotions so if you decide that is the right step for you, it will help you stand out on the search page and that will draw more attention to yourself. Leading to more sales and there will be no stopping you. 


Selling on Amazon can be a wonderful way to earn an income but sometimes it can challenge even the experienced retailers. When you follow these tips you will be able to sell more and enjoy watching your stats rise.

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