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5 Proven Methodology To Create Highly Readable Content

Post On 21-06-2019.
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Content consumption has changed drastically since the advancement of technology. The main reason for this our ability to pay attention to the tasks, or lack thereof. Our attention spans have decreased significantly over the past decades. One of the main culprits for this decrease is the television we consume. Humans, due to things like Spectrum TV choice, currently have an attention span less than that of a goldfish. Even that has an attention span of 9 seconds whereas ours is 8 seconds worth.

So now that we suffer from lower attention spans, what can be done to improve communication. Most experts conclude that increasing content marketing strategy and readability is the best course of action in the short-term.

What Does Increasing Content Readability Mean?

Simply put, content readability is the term used to describe how easy it is to read a specific piece of text. Readability entails clarity of typography as well as sentence structure and ease of understanding. So the way to increase readability would be to offer clear and short sentences. As well as maintaining a natural flow throughout the content. The higher the readability, the easier it is to consume the content.


5 Sure Shot Ways to Create Highly Readable Content

We have mentioned the lower attention spans that we currently suffer from. Let’s quantify the claim with some statistics, because numbers, unlike words, can’t lie. Neilsen Norman Group published a study on reading patterns. It showed that 79 percent of the time we scan any new page, rather than read it. In contrast, only 16 percent of us take the time to read the material word by word. Further research showed that the average person reads about 28 percent of the content on a page. So then, with these figures in mind, how can you make your content more readable?

Here are 5 ways to ensure you are creating highly readable content:

1.       Give Extra Care to the Visuals

2.       Underestimate Reader Comprehension

3.       Use Audience-Centric Vocabulary

4.       Regularly Use Readability Tools

5.       Keep Your Writing Exact


#1. Give Extra Care to the Visuals

Before you actually read a piece of text, you innately take in the entire visual structure first. This holds true for most, if not all of us. Before your eyes focus on the words on a page, you will see the blueprint of the entire page. If the blueprint of the page seems to be text heavy, most readers are unlikely to go further. In this context, scholarly content is excluded, since it does not follow the same rules.

The goal here is to make the page look as visually non-threatening as possible. Short sentences and paragraphs are a good way to break the text. Additionally, selecting clear backgrounds and fonts can increase your readability.

#2. Underestimate Reader Comprehension

When you are writing a text, it can help if you make up an image of the reader in your mind. Just ensure that you underestimate the reader’s comprehension skills. For higher readability, people with lower levels of comprehension should understand your text. There is a simple way to test your comprehension. For higher readability, write as though you were trying to explain to an 11-year old. The words and sentence structure you use should reflect that purpose.

#3. Use Audience-Centric Vocabulary

The only way to make readers comfortable with your text is by making it relatable. Try to use simple words instead of more complex ones. Additionally, you should also use words that are common amongst your audience. If you are writing an article targeted at construction workers, try to use lingo that they can relate to.

#4. Regularly Use Readability Tools

There are some terrific readability tools available for writers to ensure high readability. is a tool that can analyze your text and give you a readability score. Additionally, there are other tools available for measuring comprehension and vocabulary. There are also other tests you can perform yourself to check your readability.

The Cloze Test is an effective way you can test for comprehension. The way you perform the test is by creating a version of your text that has every fifth or sixth word blanked out. Then you hand out this version to people and ask them to fill in the blanks. If 60 percent, or higher, of people, can fill the correct words in the blanks, your text has high readability.

#5. Keep Your Writing Exact

The most effective way to get your point across is doing it directly. Write your text the same way. By keeping your writing short and to the point, you can create a highly readable text. You can use the Inverted Pyramid method and the APP method. Both are good ways to maintain high readability standards.


Highly readable content is not difficult to achieve. In fact, once you start optimizing your writing habits for higher readability, it becomes more natural. These writing practices are being modified to help improve all forms of communication. Customer service professionals use similar techniques for improving their verbal communication skills. Most effective communicators around the world are adapting their skills to compensate for lower attention spans. By using the methods discussed in this blog, you can adapt your skills as well.

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