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4 IT Certifications to Start a Good Career

Post On 12-09-2019.

Everyone dreams of working in the IT industry. They don’t want to let go off the opportunities of working in IT-related jobs. But a dream isn’t something that can be fulfilled so easily. Often, people can’t fulfill their dream of working here as they do not belong to a technical background. So, they work in the non-technical field.

But you can have a chance of working in the IT industry if you haven’t lost your hope on it. You need to switch your non-technical background to a technical future. It isn’t much difficult now. IT doesn’t always demand a bunch of degrees in your hands. You don’t need to go to college or university to earn a degree after studying for years and years. IT is based on your skills and concerned knowledge more than the degrees.


All you need is a certification that proves that you can work more efficiently. Your certification helps you a lot in building a future in the field of information technology. Certifications are offered by different companies, some from the reputed tech giants while the other can be offered by third parties. You are at the right place if you don’t have much time to spend on cramming your books for a degree. You need a short time study to get a certification and the result will be fruitful.

Here I have discussed in brief the top certifications that are on high demand by the IT industry. If you want to join this field, you need to groom your existing skills and avail every chance of working as an IT expert.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect-associate:

Your expertise in designing and deploying scalable systems on AWS can be certified if you successfully get through the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. There are various businesses that work with AWS so they need your certifications to hire you for a job. The market is always in need of skilled and certified AWS solution architects. This is the reason, this certification is still in the top 10 certifications.

You shouldn’t be surprised by this fact. No one can deny the need and importance of IT certifications in the market that is rising on a daily basis.

Here are some guidelines that will help you get an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification:

·         You must attempt the exam in PSI testing centers.

·         You must have some experience with AWS to get the certification.

·         You should have an experience of 6 months at least as recommended by the certificate provider.

·         You must prepare all the topics covering a broad range of the computer.

·         You should have a good knowledge of designing AWS, Egress of data and selection of AWS as per the situation.

·         AWS covers topics related to estimating AWS costs and identifying cost-control measures.

AWS workers work with different titles in the industry of information technology. $132,840 is the average income of an AWS expert that he earns throughout the year.


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900):


Passing the Microsoft Azure fundamentals exam will give you a financial boost. This isn’t easy like other exams of Microsoft. This is the most challenging exam for individuals to pass. But it will raise your confidence in your skills once you pass it.

You need to be careful while preparing for this exam. You need dumps and practice exam software provided by the companies to get through this exam within one try. This exam needs your time and energy to get passed, otherwise, you will simply waste your time and money. Microsoft is highly-reputed organizations, its certifications give your CV an attractive point for the employers. If you get AZ-900 certification, you will get a very handsome package offer by the company, up to $141k annually.


Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-103):

The AZ-103 exam proves and validates your skills as an Azure Administrator. Your expertise and skill in managing cloud services are tested by the AZ-103 exam which has now expanded up to networking, computing, security, storage and other capabilities within Microsoft Azure. If you have deep information and understanding of all these services within Azure, you can make a very good career with your skills. The average income of Microsoft azure administrator ranges between $63,374 to $121,072 per year.

The vacancies for a certified Microsoft azure administrator are displayed on the internet with different job titles such as:

·         MS office 365 Administrator

·         Business administrator

·         Microsoft SQL Administrator

·         System Administrator

·         Associate system Administrator


AWS Certified Developer- Associate:

This certification validates the technical skills for the development and maintenance of applications on AWS. If you get this certification, you can show to your employer that you can use AWS SDKs to interact with services. You learn to code through this certification that helps you optimize the performance of the AWS application. All the companies and organizations are developing their services on cloud computing to advance footprints and show the opposite party their competitive ability. This is working as an explosion in the status of the AWS Certified developer certificate. There is a correlation between cloud-based applications and AWS Certified Developer Certification.

Computer Networking

You should read these tips I have mentioned if you want to achieve AWS Certified developer Certificate:

·         Minimum of 6-months hand-on experience with AWS.

·         At least one programming language experience.

·         You need a PC or laptop if you want to attempt this exam.

·         Just like other AWS, your exam will be held at PSI testing centers.

This course helps you a lot by teaching you:

·         A wide range of topics

·         How to select the appropriate AWS service

·         How to interact with that particular service using SDKs.

Once you are done with this course by successfully completing it, you will have a good hand on doing many things like:

·         Code generation

·         Optimizing AWS services performances by generating security codes.

·         Coding security for access to AWS services.

You must have an AWS certified Developed-associate certification if you want to make good earnings. The AWS certified Developers are considered as the top highly paid developers in the field of information technology. An expert AWS developer earns up to 130,369 dollars on an annual basis. 

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